Space Order

Humam Muftil Aziz
Islamic Boarding House
There are three things that I love about Islamic Boarding House. The first thing is Islamic Boarding House teaches me about Islam and gives me knowledge to make me easier to know about Islam. The second thing is Islamic Boarding House teaches me about yellow book or “Kitab Kuning” which it tell about history of Islam. The third thing is Islamic Boarding House makes us more mature because we must be able to arrange our time and our life far from our parent. We must keep going to know about Islam in Islamic Boarding House.
Wahyu Anggraheni
My New Room
Three days ago I moved to new boarding house. I have many stuffs in my room and I think that is neat enough. At the right of the door is bookshelf with many books in there. On the next I have a bed with yellow color and have long pillow on the bed. On the top of my bed is Spongebob picture that is cute. On the bottom bed sit is a small cupboard with three doors. They are three drawers. Near from cupboard sit is a small television. My room is small but clean enough and I’m glad to be here.
Mahfut Khanafi
My Mosque
Mosque is comfortable place because it is kept clean. In addition, the mosque has facilities such as fan, lamp, large windows. In front of mosque are two bathrooms sized 175cm long 100cm wide. On the roof is a big lamp to light bathroom. Besides that, mosque has three bedrooms to university student. The bedrooms sized 4 meters long 3 meters wide. We can put some furniture like chairs, rag, and computer. In conclusion, my mosque is comfortable enough because I can study hard in calm situation.
Tri Utami Widayati
My Beautiful New Skirt
Skirt is my favorite cloth, and today my mother gives me a beautiful skirt. The size is as long as my leg. From the top to the bottom is decorated by flower pattern. There are two kinds of flower picture. These are rose flower on top of my skirt and jasmine flower picture on bottom of my skirt. The color is purple. It is a nice color. On the tip and the middle of the skirt there is a white lace that makes it more beautiful. Oh how beautiful my skirt is. I like my skirt very much.
Khoirur Rizal
Home Sweet Home
My home is placed in Jombor  village. In front of my home there is grape tree. My family planted it three years ago. And now the grape tree is big bears fruits. Every afternoon I and my family eat grape from that grape tree. It’s not bad at all.
Diani Mubarokah
My Lovely Pajamas
I have a nice pajama. It is a comfortable cloth for me. Its color is yellow. It has a collar with lace. It has two buttons with orange color. In the front of the cloth is a big doll picture. Under the doll picture there is a big pocket like Doraemon’s pocket. It has a long slave with a lace too.  And it has long pant with pocket behind it. So I like to wear it.
Muhammad Tomy M
This Is about My Room
This is all about my room. I have yellow walls, red carpet, a desk which has my computer on it. A small bed and a chair, a television and shelf with loads of books school and some papers from my lecturer. I keep my clothes in my wardrobe. And I have some pictures on my wall like Avenged Sevenfold’s picture, Jack Daniel’s picture, and many more. That’s all makes me feel comfortable.
Muhammad Khoiruddin
Pare is one of district in Kediri, East Java. It is located about 25 Km northeast of Kediri city. Pare exactly Tulungrejo village is also well known as good English course. Now many English course institutions exactly English course have appeared, more than 20 English course institution and English course program to spend the holiday. They order short and long course program with cheap cost. No far away from the central of Pare, there are some interesting places such as Surowono and Tegowangi temple, Garuda park, Sorowono cave, etc. Now Pare has been well known out the Java Island.
Gilang Baskoro Aryo Bimo
My Room
My room is special. With size about three time three meters. That’s my second favorite place after my bedroom. It is a cozy place because I can make any cakes and fresh my mind there. At the right of the door is bookshelf with many books in there. Beside that there are my cupboards. In my room I can get my inspired.
Kamal Abdul Aziz
Station Tugu Café
Some of SI B members have a favorite place for hanging out, namely Station Tugu Cafe. The place is located near from the railway station and the monument of Yogyakarta. This place is well-known as a nice place to enjoy “joss coffee”. It’s a cup of coffee that put a charcoal. That is why the coffee tasted unique for everybody at first. Usually we go there for celebrating birthday, thanks giving for a new special relationship. From those we get free of charge treatment of coffee and some various snacks. But mostly we pay by ourselves if no one treats. Besides joss coffee we also have milk ice tape as alternative menu when we aren’t interested in enjoying coffee. We are delighted in it very much. While enjoying them, we sometimes play kinds of playing card. Such as Minuman, Poker and also 41. We always find many singing beggars there, so we prepare coins before going there. The place is perfectly crowded with loud over laugh. Time for us to go back is when we are tired to laugh and exhausted to play the card. Station Tugu Cafe is just one of many interesting places to visit in Jogja at night. 

Jeni Dian Wati
My Cozy Spot in My Sweet Home
One of my cozy spots in my house is my kitchen. That’s my second favorite place after my bed room. It is a cozy place because I can eat, cook, make any cake and fresh my mind there. The design of my kitchen is letter L, and it’s clean and comfortable to cook. When you enter my kitchen, you will find a freezer beside the door. Beside it there is a dining table and behind it there is a cupboard to screen between dining table and cooking place. At the right side of the door there is a big mixer to make cakes beside it there is a cupboard that contains cooking tool. Beside the cupboard there is wastafel to wash every thing. Beside it there are two gas stoves. Then across the mixer there is a cupboard that contains some cake materials and ingredients. Beside it there is a big oven and in the left side of cupboard there is the second door of my kitchen. If you open it, you will find a bush of flowers out side the kitchen. It’s very beautiful. That’s all my cozy place, my clean, useful and comfortable kitchen.

Jehan Rizki R
Football Stadium
Every football club definitely has football stadium to organize a game or competition. There are many benches available for the audience and supporter from each club that will match. Besides bench, there is a field whose grass is always kept by official. Those all parts inside football stadium but still exist some outside parts of the football stadium like parking area, locket room, canteen, and sport store. So all of visitors can be served well if they want to watch football match.

Ana Puspita Sari
Our Faculty
Our faculty is very nice. It’s four-floored building. On the top of building is ceiling with red roof. On the fourth floor there are rooms for study. It has laboratory and library on the third floor. We can use the to study and develop our knowledge. On the next floor are staff and lecturer rooms. If we want to get more information about our study we can go to staff room on the second floor. On the first floor we have  canteen and copy’s room. It’s nice place for us.
Bagus Suryo Guritno
Some of my friends told that my room is terrible because of it gloomy colors and many unhappy pictures. I think it’s not true because my room is the summon of my taste. The name of my room is Nirvana. There were a personal bed where I can sleep and listening to my stereo every night. With two different lamps on the top which its functions are for studying and the other is for relaxing. Nirvana is not so clean but still comfortable. Because it placed on the second floor it causes the fresh air to blow inside, so AC is no longer necessary in my room. In short, Nirvana is the perfect room for me because it looked nice, easy to clean, and fresh air.
Imamah Isfarotul Munawaroh
Al- Husnas Room
Five of my friends and I stay in a room called Al-Husna. This room is very neat but full of our goods. Two meters wide and four meters long of room is enough for us and all of our goods such as cupboards, our book case etc. On the top, there is a plaited bamboo as our roof. There is a hole on it. Beside that, there is a lamp in the middle of the roof. The bottom is floor. This floor has a comfortable carpet. On the left of the door, there is a nice table with a jug and a glass on it. On the next table are five cupboards. One of them is a book case. On the top of every cupboard, there are bookcases. Those bookcases are full of many kinds of books. On the left of cupboards, there is a long hanger for our clothes. Sometimes it’s full of our clothes. On the bottom of it is the place where we usually put our mattress. Then, on the right of the door there are two cupboards. Beside that, there are two windows on the left of cupboards. There are a calendar and a white board between the windows. Our room is comfortable for us. We are happy to stay in Al-Husna.

My Nice Room
My room is very nice and comfortable for me. If we are standing at the doorway, on the left you will see my bed. In my bed, there are radio, two of turtle dolls, a dolphin doll, an electric fan, a pillow and a blanket. On the next of my bed is a cupboard. If you open my cupboard, you will see many clothes and a beautiful “Teddy Bear” doll. On the next of my cupboard is my wooden chair. In my wooden chair, there are two of my bags. On the right you will see my little table with many goods. My friends and I always stay in my room. We can do everything over there. It’s all about my nice room.
Putri Kurnia Sari
My Personal Cupboard
I have a cupboard in my room. It’s medium size with green and yellow color. Its pattern is flower. I usually put my helmet in the top of it. There are two sides, right and left. From the left, there are three shelves. On the top shelf are my iron, my money box, and my monthly necessity. And then in the second shelf there are my document and my lovely diary. In the third shelf is my clothes. Then, I always hang my dress and pants in the left side. My personal cupboard is so clean and tidy. I like it. ^^
Nur Asma Wati
My Bedroom
My bedroom is very comfortable. On the top my bedroom has a ventilation and under ventilation there is a door and two windows. In the right of windows is a white board and lamp. The color of my wall is blue. In my bedroom I have table and chair for study and I have a mirror. And then I have some dolls such as dolphin, barbie, pig doll, and some frog doll. Not only that but also I have speaker active and DVD for listening music everyday. And I have a cupboard and flower in the table. In conclusion, that is my favorite bedroom.
Shofwatun Nisa
My Sweet Room
My room is neat and comfortable enough. At the right of the door on the top there is a beautiful mirror. At the bottom of it there is a dispenser. On the next are makeup rack and a blue fan. On the right of the fan there is my red bed with big pillow and big bolster. I can sleep long day there. At the bottom of the bed shelf there is a purple cupboard and on the right there is a table with many books. On the right of the table there is place for praying to Allah. Beside it there is a shoe rack. My room is large enough and the structuring by my personality.
Minhatun Nilmaola
My Ideal House
I will describe my ideal house from outside. Start from the main entrance which has pink color, it is not tall. In my ideal house, there is wide green yard that is grown by flowers. Next, the purples terrace. It has two pink pillars. In front of pillars, there are two shutters and windows beside them. On the top, there are ventilation which be able to open and close. Let’s go to the inside of home. There are pink floor and purple floor like chessboard. In the left side, there is aquarium which is located in living room. It is parallel with bedroom. Beside bed room, there is a fitting room which is parallel with the dining room. Next, there is a bathroom beside dining room which is parallel with kitchen. All of their walls in my ideal house have white color as ground color that has a purple lines motif. Next, my ideal house’s roof is decorated by the lamps. The roof tile has pink color.
Fitriyah Aslikhatulmilah
My Nice Bedroom
I have a beautiful room in upstairs of my house. The size is about 3x4 meters. The ceiling has white color, and there is a lamp above with white light when dark. The wall has pink color in one side and purple color in other side. There are some posters, Avril’s picture, Agnes’ picture, and my painting. There is white door with silver handle on it. And also there is a word “Assalamu’alaikum” on the door. There is window with four parts of mirrors. From it, I can see a beautiful mountain especially on the morning and moon or stars at night. There is a bed with Mickey Mouse motif and two pillows, also there are three dolls on it. There is a carpet with lines pattern, and there are some magazine on it. On the corner of room, there is a small cupboard and a blanket on it. Beside the cupboard, there is a make up table. Sometime I use the table to study and do my tasks or homework. There are no AC and TV in my bedroom, but there are radio, tape, and a small fan. Therefore, I love my bed room so much and most of my time at home I spend in there.
Muslikhah Jazuly
Internet Cafe is a quite big internet cafe. These are four rooms. On the outside are a cashier room, waiting room, and the beverage coolers. There are three computers in the cashier. There are three chairs in the waiting room. Their colour is red and there are two beverage coolers. One is for soft drink and others for tea. On the inside are billings for non smoking. There are twenty six billings. There are four air conditioners. Each of billings consists of computer, headphone, table, and chair. On the right side there is lesehan room. There is no air conditioner and just two fans. The lamp is overcast. On the left side there is smoking room. There is no air conditioner. Straight from the smoking room is toilet. There are two bathrooms and one washstand. Therefore, many people go there and feel comfortable.
Zulmi Nur Fauzi
Breakfast Rumblings
I have a funny story with my family, that is breakfast rumblings. Like usual on Sunday morning, my family and I had a special schedule: doing household. My father and I cleaned the yard. Besides, my brother and my sister cleaned the house. And my mother prepared our breakfast. She went to the traditional market for buying some vegetable. At 08.45 a.m, after working hard for hours, we finished and took a bath. While waiting for my mother to finish cooking, we chatted about something in the dining room. We talked too long till my stomach rumbled: kruuk...kruuk...kruuk, they laughed me and made me shy. My sister said to my mother “mom, I’m so hungry!”, “wait a moment honey”. Finally, breakfast was prepared and we ate together.
Merlia Windiana
My Pet
I have a pet. His name is Chemoot. Chemoot has flat nose, and his fur is very thick. Its color is gray. His tail is so long, and his eyes are green. He is very big. His weight is about 5,25 kg. And his height is about 30 cm. He is 1 year old. He can eat five plates of frishkiss everyday. In the afternoon, he sleeps, but he usually plays with me. He is very funny, and I love him every much.
Zainiyyatur Rohmah
My Lovely Shoes
I have lovely shoes. It is not beautiful, but I love it so much. My shoes are made from elastic material but not plastic. The bottom has flower engraving to keep from slippery. The tip is not sharp like a half circle. The body of my shoes is full with holes. This makes the air circulation in my foot. The color is gray, so this is suitable with any color of my clothes. I really love my shoes. I wear it every where and every time I go.